Streamline, simplify and succeed.
Streamline, simplify and succeed.


Our comprehensive range of services allows us to provide support at every stage of your project or procurement process.

Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and exceptional results, whether you require product aggregation, installation, or project management assistance.

We take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor our services to meet them, ensuring a seamless experience and maximising your success.

We would like to be your reliable partner, supporting you from the initial planning stages to the outcome, so you can focus on what you do best while we care for the rest.


DS Group recognises the complexities of managing multiple suppliers and products across diverse industries. To address this challenge, we offer a comprehensive Product Aggregation service that streamlines the procurement process and enhances efficiency. Our seasoned team employs cutting-edge technology and industry-specific expertise to consolidate your product sourcing, ensuring seamless operations and cost savings. Through our Product Aggregation service, you can eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with multiple suppliers, invoices, and inventory management.

We collaborate closely with a vast network of trusted suppliers to provide a diverse range of high-quality products tailored to your requirements. Whether you require raw materials, components, or finished goods, our team diligently sources and consolidates them under a single platform, simplifying your supply chain and reducing overhead costs.


Our installation services are designed to provide you with a high-quality and efficient product setup. Our expert technicians and engineers have the skills and experience to handle installations in different industries, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

We can cater to projects with complex or customised requirements. Our installation process starts with a detailed assessment of your needs and site conditions, enabling us to create a personalised installation plan. Our team follows industry standards and adheres to rigorous quality control measures to ensure accurate and efficient installations.


Successful projects require meticulous planning, efficient execution, and effective communication. That’s why we offer comprehensive Project Management services to ensure your initiatives are delivered on time, within budget, and to your utmost satisfaction.

Our team combines expertise, resources, and strategies to deliver exceptional results. We prioritise your objectives and work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a large-scale initiative, trust DS Group to manage it with precision, professionalism, and a commitment to your success.



“Bascule Style Bridge (Drawbridge) in Adelaide, South Australia, Replaces Timber Walking Surface with Waterproof Aluminium Decking by NexGEN Decking.”

DryDeck Aluminium Decking by NexGEN Decking is a lightweight and waterproof decking product which made it the perfect solution to The Birkenhead Bridge’s timber concerns.

The Birkenhead Bridge in Adelaide, South Australia, was built in 1940 to allow river traffic to proceed further upstream. The original hinge section substructure of The Birkenhead Bridge was constructed mainly with timber to reduce weight and to assist engine when opening and closing.

74 years later it was clear a new solution was needed for the bridge when the timber actually started becoming heavier when wet and suffered from long-term corrosion. DryDeck Aluminium Decking by NexGEN Decking offered a lightweight and waterproof decking answer to the bridge’s timber problems.

“Due to the road surface being difficult to seal, the timber substructure was always becoming saturated which caused extra weight and long term deterioration,” said Andy Holland, of NexGEN Decking. “They [the engineers] needed a lightweight, waterproof decking surface to be installed on the hinged part of the bridge.”

Manufactured with exacting precision, DryDeck’s interlocking lightweight boards securely and easily locks into place. The engineering of DryDeck’s aluminium decking boards result in a completely watertight surface that is made to last. 

As well as needing improvements made to the bridge’s road surface, the bridge also needed to incorporate a dual use path for walkers and bikers using the bridge. “With the promotion of bicycle use, it became obvious that a dual use path was needed, to handle the increased traffic, this is where DryDeck was viewed as a solution,” said Holland.

DryDeck was designed and engineered for high traffic use in the most demanding applications. It is also naturally resistant to the deteriorating effects of direct sunlight and water. DryDeck is extremely resistant to staining, impervious to insects and won’t splinter, decay, or rot.

DryDeck is ideal for new construction or remodelling of existing outdoor structures, such as, The Birkenhead Bridge. DryDeck provides a lifetime of low-maintenance benefits while creating a gapless, skid free, single layer watertight surface. Its easy installation adds both value and space in a single system.


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